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Joshua was born October 7th, at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. Raised in South Central, Los Angeles. His mother Erika Lovett Holly and his father Emery Holly. At the age of 2, Joshua’s parents divorced forcing Josh to be raised solely by his mother. During his childhood, Joshua spent most of his time inside the house.


Directed By: Most High

INT. Hospital - Night

                              CUT TO:

INT. 4th Graders Classroom - DAY

     After finding out that he had been diagnosed with ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

He was placed in special education, where his close friends and siblings teased him. This caused Joshua to isolate himself from others, disconnecting 

Josh from the rest of the world,

thus becoming an Introvert. During his isolations, he would sneak his mother’s camera to snap pictures of his toys. After every frame, he would adjust the toys in different positions, then upload them to the computer. He started making short videos of the images he captured by speeding up the frame rate.

They call this Stop Motion. At the age of 8, he became well experienced in making shorts out of images. This disconnected him from the gangs and negative influences in his community.

                              CUT TO:



     During his teen years, he started using programs such as,

Adobe Photoshop, Avid, and Adobe After Effects. After purchasing his first camera; Canon EOS Rebel T2i, he became more involved in school activities. Soon he became known as the school’s photographer. He created a senior video for the class of 2012, that was played during senior appreciation. After all the positive feedback from his students and teachers,

Joshua found a serious interest in filmmaking. During his freshmen year in college 2012-2013, he started writing and directing short films from his dorm room.

 June 5th, 2013, Joshua was offered a position in Los Angeles’s 48 Hour Project as a VFX artist. He got to work with well-experienced filmmakers that taught him the ropes of the industry. In 2013 Joshua changed his major from Art to CTVA (Cinema of Television Arts) at California State University of Northridge.

After his huge success on Worldstar and YouTube, “Lil Snupe ft Boosie - Meant 2 Be,” calculating around 14 Million views total, with 70,000 likes; He became inspired to continue thriving and made a strong social media presence.


Joshua has been making a name for himself and is actively pursuing his dreams to become the best Filmmaker / VFX artist there is. Since then he has worked with Top Production Companies like Warner Brothers, CBS Sports Network, Marvel, Legendary Pictures, and Disney.

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